Slin’Gooz is a social networking service that lets you create and share a “Gooz”.
A good is created by adding content (3D models, photos, or videos) to the 2D world you view through your phone’s camera.


Here is where you create your “Gooz”.

★ Search
Search the Slin’Gooz network to see if any other users created “Gooz” with that image.

★ Share
Here you upload your “Gooz” to the Slin’Gooz network so other users can find it when they search. You also can share an image of your gooz to Facebook. (other networks coming soon!)

How to use this app

To create stable Target for gooz
1) Align the iPhone parallel to the target image.
2) Fill the screen for better results.
3) A detailed and complex image makes a better target.

Contact Us

This application is made by Zenitum Corp. using its “Markerless Tracking AR Engine” technology.
Please contact us at for further information.

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