Jenny DanceFor iPhone

About Jenny

Hi I’m Jenny. I’m a 17-year-old high school student.
I’m 165cm tall.
I’m a bright and lovely girl.
My blood type is O.
I love dancing, fashion shopping, and the latest pop music.

3 Modes
★ Interaction Mode
1. Jenny will fall backward when you touch her front.
2. Jenny will fall frontward when you touch her back.
3. If you touch Jenny’s lips, she’ll blow you a kiss!
★ Dance Mode
To activate, press the Dance Button.Jenny will dance along with the music.
Wherever the target is, that’s where Jenny will dance.
★ Non AR Mode
You can toggle between AR mode or Non AR mode.

How to use this app

Marker Image

1. Download the target image from the link above.
2. Print the target image and aim your iPhone camera at it.


3. Launch a target image in your browser and aim your iPhone camera at it.

Contact Us
This application is made by Zenitum Corp. using its “Markerless Tracking AR Engine” technology.
Please contact us at for further information.

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