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● Description

AR-POP! is an Augmented Reality application based on Zenitum’s real time object detection and tracking technology, a.k.a. Natural Feature Tracking (NFT), implemented in the zFT SDK (Zenitum Feature Tracker). Using AR-POP! users are not restricted any more to predefined markers which they have to download and print. Instead users can “augment” virtually any picture or image they want to use. AR-POP! opens up incredible new ways to use Augmented Reality instantly at any place. By registering arbitrary images to AR-POP! one can use almost anything as a marker, like brochures, posters, pictures, illustrations in a textbook to name a few. This opens up a whole new world of possible AR applications.

● Requrements

Camera : USB Camera or built-in camera (Resolution 320 x 240 or 640 x 480)

Operating System : Windows XP (32 bit/64 bit), Windows Vista, Windows 7

CPU/RAM : At minimum Dual-Core CPU / At minimum 1GB RAM

● How to use AR-POP!

1.  Place the image you want to use in front of the camera so that the whole image is visible and press
the ‘Enter’ key. The content will be shown on the image.

2. Move the camera or image to view the content from different directions.

3. When you want to change the augmented content press ‘Spacebar’. Whenever you press ‘Spacebar’
the content will be changed.

4. Use the arrow or WASD (up/down/left/right) keys to move the augmented content in the scene.

5. To exit the program, press the ‘Esc’ key or just close the application.

● Download

Currently, AR-POP! is ONLY provided to companies or persons with an technical interest in testing AR-POP!. To download AR-POP! please send us an email( with your name, organization, purpose and email account. You will get an email from us containing an FTP account and password for downloading AR-POP!

● Recommended Marker Images

Generally AR-POP! can use images from a variety of sources, such as magazines, posters, photographs and books as markers. For the best recognition we recommend that you use images with a “rich texture”, i.e. a more complex image rather than a simple image, logo or trademark. The image thereby should be attached to a flat underground. The images below show examples of suitable and less suitable marker images. If you have any difficulties to find a suitable marker image you can download the sample images below.

- Example of good sample image

- Suitable sample images for download

- Example of bad sample image

● Video