Albert Heekwan Kim
Founder & CEO

Born and raised as a hard core computer geek, Albert has spent most of his academic and professional life in front of computer workstations. In college days, Albert got his first paid job by hacking UNIX kernels for local Internet service providers before the Internet Big bang era. Since then, he solved variety software problems of Fortune 500 companies: ranging from mainframes to microprocessors for 18 years.

In 2004, with ambition of creating the Mixed Reality World, Albert found Zenitum. He, now, frequently travels Tokyo and San Francisco from Seoul for new opportunities.

When away from the desk, Albert becomes an avid reader of the Confucian (replicas of 16 century publishings) and the Buddhist (Sanskrit verses) texts. Albert also enjoys other esoteric subjects such as wetware and complexity theory.

Yuki Heeyoung Kim
Founder & CFO

Educated as an Interior designer, Yuki’s life time interest is “creativity.” Although her daily work focuses on precision deal with monetary situation of Zenitum, she enjoys sprinkle up the zest of creative energy across the company.

Yuki received her BA in Interior design from Ewha Women’s University and MBA from Chungang University

Nuk Hyundal Cho
Founder & Director of Application Development

The ultimate computer hacker. Nuk deals with daily development various Zenitum projects. Although his habitual scrutiny on fine details drives his developers crazy, developers, at the same time, enjoys successful outcomes.

For 15 years, Nuk developed and managed variety of software projects. While he was working at Albert’s research lab in a previous life, he was lured by the darker force of Augmented Reality. He is now responsible for the entire architecture of products and services.

Nuk received a BS in Electronic Engineering from Kumo University of Engineering.

Hansang Cho
Director of R&D

The inventor and creator of most Zenitum’s computer vision algorithm. Hansang was a child prodigy and received advanced science education while in his teen years. With strong mathematical background, Hansang’s job is to devised math equations for vision algorithms. Daily, Hansang leads and mentors his young apprentice R&D researchers to innovate. He and his team currently perspire to create ground breaking AR tracking engines.

Hansang studied at Postech for BS and MS in Applied Mathematics. Also he has a Ph.d in Applied Mathematics from New York University.